April 2009

eMarketer reported that 70 percent of all Internet users watch online video. With most online videos viewed through streaming, as opposed to downloading, bandwidth bottlenecks are becoming more and more of a problem despite improvements in hardware components and connectivity.

Though hardware and software components can improve or hinder your video streaming abilities, there are other solutions to improving video streaming abilities that don’t involve upgrading or purchasing a new computer.Read more..

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Disclaimer : The information provided below is for educational purpose only. The author is not responsible for any misuse of the information and discourages any illegal use of it.

Bsnl DataOne Broadband continues to grow as one the most popular broadband services in India with high speed facilities of upto 2 mpbs. But a large number of users of this service are vulnerable to hacker attacks because discovering and hacking the vulnerable victims of this network is shockingly simple. If you are a Bsnl Broadband user then immediately assess the security of your internet connection and take appropriate steps to secure yourself.

First lets see how simple it is to hack bsnl dataone broadband usernames and passwords. For this you shall need a ipscanner tool called Angry IP Scanner http://www.angryziber.com/ipscan/ or anything similar.

Ok so lets begin... Get your IP from :
www.ipmango.comRead more..

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The “Nessus” Project aims to provide to the internet community a free, powerful, up-to-date and easy to use remote security scanner for Linux, BSD, Solaris, and other flavors of Unix.


Ethereal is a free network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. Ethereal has several powerful features, including a rich display filter language and the ability to view the reconstructed stream of a TCP session.

SnortRead more..

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Most of you want to call someone while hiding your own phone no identity

so i am publishing the trick for hiding your ph no.

If you want to hide/show your phone number when calling, put one of these codes below in front of the number that you are going to call.
(*#30# / *#31# or *31# / #31# ) Works on most of the networks.

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Below video will show you how to shutdown your computer from anywhere using a texting capable cell phone, Microsoft Outlook and a free account from www.kwiry.com

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It is more expensive to send the SMSs from your mobile. To make you spend less amount this tool is the finest solution for you. The name of the tool is SMS Free Sender it can provide the most effective way to send SMS using your PC. Moreover, you can save the time and money with this tool. With this tool you can send bulk SMS to the stored numbers easily and swiftly using email gateways of operators. This application supports the gateway of the world’s leading provider with coverage to 578 networks in 192 countries worldwide.

You can have the features like cheap pricing per Message, easy and immediate integration, zero Up Front cost, Controlled SMS delivery, the messages are sent in the most swift and secured way, and supports a simple to use interface. In additional it can organize your messages, check your delivery status and manage your contacts in your address book.Read more..

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For some reasons, you need to upload your files to multiple file hosting websites. I know that is tough and also time-consuming but here’s a more efficient way to do so. With Gazup!, users can easily store their documents on several file hosts such as RapidShare.com, MegaUpload.com, FileFactory.com, Uploaded.to, NetLoad.in, HideMyAss.com, zShare.net and Badongo.com.

When you upload a file, their powerful servers which utilize gigabit speeds will rapidly mirror your file to your selected file hosts. It supports any file format be it .JPEG, .DOC, anything! Before you upload, you can select whether you’d like to do a file or remote upload. The maximum file size is 200MB. However, on the “About” page, it says that the max file size is 400MB, two times more than the one stated on the main page. Therefore, this will lead to confusion of which source is accurate. After uploading, you will receive a unique download page.Read more..

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Today we will show you how to hack Passwords using an USB Pen Drive. As we all know, Windows stores most of the passwords which are used on a daily basis, including instant messenger passwords such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Windows messenger etc. Along with these, Windows also stores passwords of Outlook Express, SMTP, POP, FTP accounts and auto-complete passwords of many browsers like IE and Firefox. There exists many tools for recovering these passswords from their stored places. Using these tools and an USB pendrive you can create your own rootkit to hack passwords from your friend’s/college Computer. We need the following tools to create our rootkit.

Read more..

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Tool Physically Hacks Windows

Lets an attacker use Firewire to take over a 'locked' Windows machine

No screwdriver required: A researcher has released a plug-and-go physical hacking tool that uses a Firewire cable to “own” a Windows machine within seconds.Read more..

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Remote/Local File Inclusion Exploits

Remote and local file inclusions are just a problem on the coding end, like most exploits. Of course it takes a second person to make it happen, hehe. So this paper will hopefully give you some ideas on how to prevenet a file inclusion exploit on your website and most importantly, in your code. I will be providing the code examples in PHP format.

Let's take a look at some code that make the RFI/LFI exploits possible.

<a href=index.php?page=file1.php>Files</a>
$page = $_GET[page];

Now obviously this should never be used. The $page input isnt sanitized at all. The $page input is passed directly to the damn webpage, which is a very big no no. You should always sanitize every input passed through the browser. When the user clicks the "Files" link on the webpage to visit "files.php" it will look something like this.

Read more..
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Hacking web application was always curious for the script kiddies. And hacking free web email account is every geek first attempt. The method which I will describe in this post is not new; the same method can be applied to yahoo and other free web email services too.

The method we will be using is cookie stealing and replaying the same back to the Gmail server. There are many ways you can steal cookie, one of them is XSS (Cross site scripting) discussed by other is earlier post. But we won’t be using any XSS here, in our part of attack we will use some local tool to steal cookie and use that cookie to get an access to Gmail account.

Assumption:Read more..

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