How To Hide Files in JPEG Images using WinRAR

156n this example we will hide a text message inside a picture. We have choose for this tutorial a text file named Secret.txt and a picture firefox.jpg.

1. Move your files you want to combine in a new folder, in our case C:\Hidden.

2. Add the file you want to hide into a new RAR archive (in our example named Secret.txt.rar).

3. WinRar created the archive in the folder where our files are located.

4. Open Command Prompt (Start -> Run..., type cmd and press Enter).

5. Go to the folder where your files are located, in this case C:\Hidden by using the cd command.

6. Now type copy /b firefox.jpg + secret.txt.rar helpero.jpg where firefox.jpg is the original picture, secret.txt.rar is the file that will be hidden, and helpero.jpg is the file which contains both.

7. If you open helpero.jpg you will see the firefox.jpg image.

8. Try opening the file with WinRar (select All files).

9. Now you can see the text file that is hidden in the picture.

A simple solution to make this more secure, is to use encryption on the RAR file when your create it.

credits to Cristian L.

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