PWNTOOTH - Automated Bluetooth Pentesting Tool

pwntooth (pown-tooth) is designed to automate Bluetooth Pen-Testing. It scans for devices, then runs the tools specified in the pwntooth.conf; included blueper, bluesnarfer, Bluetooth Stack Smasher (BSS), carwhisperer, psm_scan, rfcomm_scan, and vcardblaster.

pwntooth is a fully automated "search and destroy" tool for advanced users who wish to run a series of tests against each device in the target area. While there are some pre-configured lines in the pwntooth.conf file, it is mostly designed for users to specify their own pen-testing configuration. pwntooth can be used in conjunction with mant other tools not included in the package.

Included utilities in the toolset

- blueper
- bluesnarfer
- Bluetooth Stack Smasher (BSS)
- carwhisperer
- psm_scan
- rfcomm_scan
- vcardblaster

Changes for v0.2
- changed install method.
- installed pwntooth.conf into /etc/bluetooth directory.
- updated vCardBlaster and Blueper.



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