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Classified sites are really great money saver and you can contact directly your audience. You can save lots of money by using free classifieds and now you can buy and sell almost anything on classified sites, searching a job, a life partner for long or short term relation everything is on your finger tip.

In India classified site are more popular than social networking sites. Every day more and more people are now using free classified to reach their audience or buy/sell anything.Read more..

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Cellphone care and feeding

Cellphones are frequently used as gateways for communication with computers via SMS messages. For that purpose they tend to be tethered to the host computer by a serial cable (usually FBUS) and controlled by a suitable host software, eg. Gnokii. They are also powered from a mains adapter.

However, when transmitting, the phones demand a huge pulse current (sometimes 2 amps and more), even if its average current consumption stays in low hunderds milliamps at worst. The wall wart adapter is inexpensive and anemic, therefore even with mains feed, the phone stays woefully dependent on its internal battery (usually NiMH or Li-ion) to serve the energy when the mains feed is not enough.


Late in its life cycle, the battery becomes old, its capacity drops, and its internal resistance soars. The result is growing voltage drop during the pulse load. If the battery voltage falls below a threshold, the phone switches itself off. The symptom is a phone dying during handling a phonecall, and later even during sending/receiving a message.Read more..

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WirelessHD is an effort of the consortium led mainly by LG , Matsushita, NEC, Samsung, SiBEAM, Sony and Toshiba to define a standard for the next generation wireless digital network interface specification for wireless high-definition signal transmission for consumer electronics products and they intend to finalize on one standard by spring 2007. The WirelessHD (WiHD) is designed and optimized for wireless display connectivity thereby achieving high-speed rates from 2 Gbit/s to 5 Gbit/s for the CE, PC, and portable device segments in its first generation implementation. This standard aids in uncompressed, digital transmission of HD video and audio signals, making it like wireless HDMI, in theory. data rates as high as 20 Gbit/s (compared to 10.2-Gbit/s for HDMI 1.3)are possible with its core technology, permitting it to scale to higher resolutions, color depth, and range.Read more..

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Having both the standard and high definition data content in the MPEG-2 format, the D-VHS digital video format was first introduced by JVC with the support of Hitachi, Matsushita and Philips. The format first used in 1998 employs the same physical cassette format and recording mechanism as VHS. Released in the UK as JVC D-VHS deck, the instrument became very popular with domestic video recordings. The instrument best known as a digital recorder for traditional analog inputs such as domestic analog TV and digiboxes for digital broadcasts was not a bitstream recorder, although it did have a DV input. Using the deck, high quality and cost effective pictures were recorded from D-VHS to S-VHS tapes. The biggest short coming of this D-VHS tape where the D stands for data was the lack of a DV output and RGB input via the SCART connector (PAL territories only as the NTSC versions had component outputs). Though became a huge hit among the domestic users, it failed to compete with its successors like the DVD and the HDD in the wholesale video market.
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Developed by McDonnell-Douglas in 1984, the laser filmisa transmissive laser based playbackmedium. Working on the topology that laser has to shine through one side of the disc to a receiving sensor on the other side, where the beam of the laser would be interrupted by a spiral of small dots on the disc,which can then modulate the laser beam to represent the video and audio information, which was then interpreted by the receiving sensor receiving the beam on the other side Made of the ordinary photographic film, similar to the Selectavision CED videodisc system, this wasn’t successfully marketed by McDonnell-Douglas, thesole manufacturer of the laser film player. Having originated from ARDEV, which was originally a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield until 1981, this format is usually employed in flight stimulators.
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Television systems that have a resolution that meets standards but not considered high definition, this is what Standard-definition television or SDTV refers to. This usually refers to digital television, especially while broadcasting at the same (or similar) resolution as analog systems. In ATSC, SDTV can be broadcast in 704 pixels × 480 lines with 16:9 aspect ratio (40:33 rectangular pixel), 704 pixels × 480 lines with 4:3 aspect ratio (10:11 rectangular pixel) or 640 pixels × 480 lines with 4:3 ratio (and square pixels). The refresh rate can be 24, 30 or 60 pictures per second. Digital SDTV in 4:3 aspect ratio has the same form as the regular analogue TV (NTSC, PAL, PAL2, SECAM) excluding the ghosting, snowy images and static noises but however with poor reception one may encounter various other artifacts such as blockiness and stuttering. Though ATSC and ISDB were originally developed for HDTV, they later proved their ability to deliver multiple SD video and audio streams via multiplexing, than to use the entire bit stream for one HD channel.Read more..
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