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Printable Computers are 3D printers capable of fabricating out real things in real solid material provided you have its digital model in the computer. These models can be held in your hands assembled in to working mechanisms and submitted to testing. They can print out computer chip circuitries and other industrial products out of a variety of materials like plastics, acrylics, urethanes, ABS etc.Read more..

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The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a result of the WAP Forum s effort to promote industry-wide specifications for technology useful in developing applications and services that operates over wireless communication networks. WAP specifies an application framework and network protocols for wireless devices such as mobile telephones, pagers, and personal digital assistants. (PDAs). The specifications extend and leverage mobile networking technologies (such as digital data networking standards) and Internet technologies (such as XML, URLs, scripting, and various content formats). The effort is aimed at enabling operation, manufactures, and content developers to meet the challenges in building advanced differentiated services and implementation in a fast and flexible manner.

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If you are going for an interview as a prospective employee then you should do some research.  Read the job description and requirements carefully.  Browse the web site to see how the organization presents itself.  Search for news items and comments about the company on news sites and blogs.For the interview itself you should dress smartly and appropriately.  It is important to have some questions prepared and here are a few that could really help:
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Address: IBM India
Golden Towers
Airport Road
Bangalore-560 017

Phone : 160-0443333
Email: [ direct | at | ]

Current vacancies:

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Chameleon Systems Inc, San Jose, California is one of the new breed of reconfigurable processor makers who claim that Chameleon chip which is its first Reconfigurable Communications Processor (RCP) is a reconfigurable processor which provides a design environment that allows customer to convert their algorithms to hardware configuration on the fly.

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