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First manufactured by ArrayComm and later on adopted as the High Capacity – Spatial Division Multiple Access (HC -SDMA) radio interface standard (ATIS-0700004-2005) by the Alliance of Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS, this wireless broadband technology favours the utilization of its bandwidth with the help of smart antennas. This mobile broadband wireless access system also called the HC-SDMA or High Capacity Spatial Division Multiple Access, has the HC-SDMA interface that offer wide-area broadband wireless data-connectivity for fixed, portable and mobile computing devices and appliances. Designed and implemented with smart antenna array techniques to substantially improve the radio frequency (RF) coverage, capacity and performance for the system, the protocol has the following features -:

it describes base station and client device RF characteristics, including output power levels, transmit frequencies and timing error, pulse shaping, in-band and out-of band spurious emissions, receiver sensitivity and selectivityRead more..

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Also known as Interactive Program(me) Guide (IPG) or Electronic Service Guide (ESG), EPG is an on-screen guide to scheduled broadcast television programs, permitting a viewer to browse, select, and discover contents based on time, title, channel, genre, etc, using their remote control, a keyboard or a phone keypad. This technology is predominant in the digital television and radio world however EPGs exist that rely upon analogue technology (using the VBI—or vertical blanking interval). EPG broadcasts data to an application residing within middleware in a set-top box which connects to the television set and enables the application to be displayed. The signals may arrive via cable TV, satellite TV, cable radio, satellite radio, or via over-the-air terrestrial broadcast stations.Read more..
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Designed by Jonathan Taylor, a radio amateur with callsign K1RFD, Echolink, a computer program that runs under Microsoft Windows allows steadfast worldwide connections to be made between radio amateurs using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology on the internet for at least a part of the path between them, greatly enhancing Amateur Radio's communications capabilities. Though its similar to other VOIP tools like Skype it has the additional ability to link to an amateur radio station's transceiver.

Two modes offered to Radio amateurs using Echolink software are:Read more..

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Electrical energy storage is required in many applications — telecommunication devices,such as cell phones and pagers, stand-by power systems, and electric hybrid vehicles. The specifications for the various energy storage devices are given in terms of energy stored (Who) .and maximum power as well as size and weight, initial cost and life. A storage device to be suitable for a particular application must meet all the requirements. As power requirements for many applications become more demanding, the battery was found wanting. It is often reasonable to consider separating the energy and power requirements by providing for the peak power by using a pulse power device battery. For applications in which significant energy is needed in pulse form, traditional capacitors as used in electronic circuits cannot store enough energy in the volume and weight available. For these applications, the development of high energy density capacitors gained importance and which eventually lead to the development of Ultracapacitors.Read more..
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Pixie dust is the informal name that IBM is using for its antiferromagnetically-coupled (AFC) media technology, which can increase the data capacity of hard drives to up to four times the density possible with current drives. AFC overcomes limits of current hard drives caused by a phenomenon called the superparamagnet effect.

AFC allows more data to be packed onto a disk. The pixie dust used is a 3- atom thick magnetic coating composed of the element ruthenium sandwiched between two magnetic layers. The technology is expected to yield 400 GB hard drives for desktop computers, and 200 GB hard drives for laptops.

IBM s use of AFC for hard drives overcomes what was considered an insuperable problem for storage: the physical limit for data stored on hard drives. IBM discovered a means of adding AFC to their standard production methods so that the increased capacity costs little or nothing.

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Wireless Integrated Network Sensors (WINS) now provide a new monitoring and control capability for monitoring the borders of the country. Using this concept we can easily identify a stranger or some terrorists entering the border. The border area is divided into number of nodes. Each node is in contact with each other and with the main node.

The noise produced by the foot-steps of the stranger is collected using the sensor. This sensed signal is then converted into power spectral density and the compared with reference value of our convenience. Accordingly the compared value is processed using a microprocessor, which sends appropriate signals to the main node. Thus the stranger is identified at the main node. A micro power spectrum analyzer has been developed to enable low power operation of the entire WINS system.Read more..

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