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Engineering revision control developed from formalized processes based on tracking revisions of early blueprints or bluelines. Implicit in this control was the option to be able to return to any earlier state of the design, for cases in which an engineering dead-end was reached in iterating any particular engineering design. Likewise, in computer software engineering, revision control is any practice which tracks and provides controls over changes to source code. Software developers sometimes use revision control software to maintain documentation and configuration files as well as source code. In theory, revision control can be applied to any type of information record. In practice, however, the more sophisticated techniques and tools for revision control have rarely been used outside software development circles (though they could actually be of benefit in many other areas).Read more..

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Terahertz (THz) research has received much attention recently. This development is due to the discovery of new THz-radiation sources and detectors such as quantum cascade lasers, photoconductive switches or electro-optic THz- detectors during the last decade. Of particular intereset are broadband Thz-spectroscopy and imaging systems operating in the frequency range 0.1-10THz.Read more..

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The Internet and Mobile Wireless are the defining technologies of our times. Today, they are converging and promising to dramatically reshape society. Mobile Internet services will help people work, entertain, and communicate anytime, anywhere-using a variety of devices such as cell phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and laptops. Driven by the Wireless Internet’s enormous potential and reacting to declining Mobile voice revenues per subscriber, operators are pegging their future growth on Wireless Internet services.Read more..

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INTEREST in nitride-based localized trapping storage Flash memory cells has revived for 10-min-cell operation, which can double the memory density. Besides, they also show better scalability since charges are stored in nitride traps rather than a poly silicon floating-gate in conventional Flash memory cells. Nitride storage memories do not have floating-gate-induced drain turn-on and coupling issues, which are believed to be the scaling limitations of conventional floating-gate memories .Various operation schemes were proposed based on the nitride-storage cell structure. A novel PHINES cell is proposed based on the nitride storage cell structureRead more..

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Surface mount technology is an easiest and prefect form of mounting components in Printed Circuit Boards. It entails making reliable interconnections on the board at great speeds, at reduced cost. To achieve these, SMT needed new types of surface mount components, new testing techniques, new assembling technique, new mounting techniques and a new set of design guidelines. SMT is completely different from insertion mounting. The difference depends on the availability and cost of surface mounting elements. Thus the designer has no choice other than mixing the through hole and surface mount elements. At every step the surface mount technology calls for automation with intelligence. Electronic products are becoming miniature with improvements in integration and interconnection on the chip itself, and device - to - device (D-to-D) interconnections.Read more..

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Transistors are the microscopic, silicon-based switches that process the ones and zeros of the digital worlds and are the fundamental building block of all semiconductor chips. With traditional planar transistors, electronic signals travel as if on a flat, one-way road. This approach has served the semiconductor industry well since the 1960s. But, as transistors shrink to less than 30 nanometers (billionths of a meter), the increase in current leakage means that transistors require increasingly more power to function correctly, which generates unacceptable levels of heat.Read more..

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