Scientists at Oxford University are working on a 1930 invention by Albert Einstein to develop an environmentally friendly refrigerator which they claim will run without electricity.
Previous researches have suggested that modern fridges emit greenhouse gases called freons and as a result damage the environment. Now the Oxford team is developing appliances that can work without electricity and thereby reduce the gases.  
In fact, they have already completed a prototype of a type of fridge patented in 1930 by Einstein and his colleague, the Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard, 'The Observer' reported.  The design was partly used in the first domestic refrigerators before more efficient compressors became popular in the 1950s. It avoids the need for freons and instead uses ammonia, butane and water and takes advantage of the fact that liquids boil at lower temperatures when air pressure is lower.  
"If you go to the top of Mount Everest, water boils at a much lower temperature than it does when you're at sea level and that's because the pressure is much lower up there," lead scientist Malcolm McCulloch said.  Read more..

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Hot on the trail of Wii Fit is another device that measures your balance (far more precisely than the video game's balance board, one would hope).
In development by MIT researchers, the iShoe is an insole containing a sensor that measures a foot's pressure distribution. The sensor sends the data to a computer, which analyzes the information with a special algorithm. The hope is that this technology will allow doctors to detect balance problems in patients before it's too late to take the necessary steps to fix them.
Let's hope these researchers run -- not walk -- with developing this technology to bring it to doctors as soon as possible.

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Here are a few handy tips to clean your priceless collection of CDs and DVD discs.
But before you try any of these methods, remember that the disc media is very delicate and you may unintentionally damage the shiny reflective surface if you are not careful:
 » If dust particles are sticking to the CD surface, use a piece of soft cloth to wipe off the dust. To hold the CD, insert a finger or thumb inside the center hole of the CD or handle it by the edges but never touch the shiny surface.
 » If the DVD surface feels sticky or greasy, mix some baby shampoo in lukewarm water and use cotton or soft cloth to gently rub the CD surface with this solution. Make sure the CD is completely dry (no water drops) before putting it back in the jewel case.
 » If there are fingerprint marks on the CD surface, dip a soft cloth in Isopropyl Alcohol/Ethanol/Methanol and gently wipe the surface. Never use a petroleum based solvent like Acetone as that will permanently damage the CD surface.Read more..

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