“Spam in Twitter”, according to Sysomos report 32% of tweets are generated by bots (150 times/day), in those 24% of Tweets are spam.

Well to reduce spam all are saying one thing,so i’m also stressing that “Be Selective in Following”others. When we created an account ,with in 60 second’s we got six followers,all are from pron websites. Also don’t hurry to get followers by joining other websites which will promise to provide thousands of followers! Also read 3 Ways Scammers are Filling Twitter With Junk at Mashable.

5 Tools to reduce Twitter SpamRead more..

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At command prompt type debug
you will get a - prompt where you can type the fallowing (<enter> means hit enter, not type enter*)
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Creating your own OS can be quite a daunting task that requires a lot of computer knowledge. I found a site that may interest you, Custom NimbleX2 is an open-source project that allows even novices in computing to create their own Linux OS.

Check it Out

Follow the on screen instructions to select background, software and so on. When you have finished designing your Linux, a live CD .iso file will be generated for you, just download it and burn it to disc. Boot from the disc and install your personal, newly created custom Linux OS.

Enjoy Your Linux!

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Free Update RS Premium Account

* Account Informations *
=> Security Status : Security active
=> Login: ajbek
=> Password : maestro2
=> Server Time: 27.02.2009 04:25:55
=> RapidPoints: 14065
=> RapidPoints PU: 3
=> Expiration date: Sat, 23. May 2009
=> TrafficShare left: 60.00 GB
=> Files: 5
=> Traffic left: 8837 MB

UPDATE 01:30:30 PM +7 GMT


* Account Informations *
=> Security Status : Security active
=> Login: 8050740
=> Password : QppLQJtF
=> Server Time: 27.02.2009 07:30:30
=> RapidPoints: 7000
=> RapidPoints PU: 0
=> Expiration date: Wed, 12. Aug 2009
=> TrafficShare left: 5.00 GB
=> Files: 0
=> Traffic left: 12000 MB

UPDATE 02:05:23 PM +7 GMTRead more..

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Wanna know Address of the girl you like?, or address of your friend?. It is so easy to trace the addresses, just you need is their phone number.

EXAMPLE: For tracing the address of a number located in Madhya Pradesh (India) just log in toRead more..

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