Phone Guardian is a mobile security anti-thief software for your Series 60 v3 Symbian smartphones. In case your mobile is forgotten or stolen, Phone Guardian will allow you to remotely secure and auto lock your Symbian mobile by sending a lock SMS.Read more..

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PeerGuardian is a free, open source, IP address blocking software programs capable of blocking incoming and outgoing addresses. The application uses a blocklist of IP addresses to filter the computers of several organisations.Read more..
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If you’re anything like us, you’re plugging and unplugging your USB thumb drives (and other usb devices) all day, multiple times a day. 
Hopefully you’re right clicking on the little “Remove Hardware Safely” icon in your system tray in order to remove and avoid damaging or losing data from your USB drives/devices. The problem is, it becomes kind of a pain if you’re constantly switching out or removing USB drives. This tutorial will show you how to create a shortcut for the “Safely Remove Hardware” dialog, and as if that weren’t cool enough, we’ll even show you how to create a hotkey to bring up the dialog with one keystroke.Read more..
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If you have a website too big for a web host or you want to be able to quickly make changes on your website, you may want to try to run your own web server on the computer you are viewing this page from. This guide will tell you home web server basics and not tell you how to work with a particular software.Read more..

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Sometimes when you finish installing your Windows operating system you are missing drivers. The easy ones like chipset,network and graphics are easy to find, but what about the rest? Below is a screenshot of the details on the Intel Gigabit network card. Nothing special there, it’s installed and it’s working fine.

If Windows wouldn’t be able to find drivers for it the Details pane would still be visible and you would se the Device Instance Id. From that one line we can get everything we need. So let’s try it out.Read more..

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Prey is a lightweight program that will help you track and find your laptop
 if it ever gets stolen. It works in all operating systems and not only is it Open Source but also completely free.

Read more..

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