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Attribute Manager is a simple program that you can use to customize all the properties of a file. These properties include:

  • Read-only property
  • Hidden property
  • System property
  • Archive property
  • The time and date that the file was made
  • The time and date that the file was modified
  • The time and date that the file was last accessed

The interface and functionality are really easy-to-understand that even the naive person can understand it. Just open a file. Set/customize/change its different properties and save settings.

Download Attributes Manager

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Forget about winrar and winzip. Compress data to the maximum limit. You can convert data in GBs into few Mbs of size with this little devil. KGB Archiver is the compression tool with an unbelievably high compression rate. One of the advantages of KGB Archiver is also AES-256 encryption which is used to encrypt the archives. This is one of the strongest encryption known so far. And its free. All you need is a bit stronger hardware. It takes time but its worth it. I have compressed many movies into few mb of size to fit these in my 1GB USB drive with this software. I mean from 5GB to 400mb size conversion; That's something. Talk about backing up all hard drive into few GBs to fit in a DVD drives.

Download KGB Archiver
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Now we download stuff almost daily. New products pop out so often. You can use any software forever you want. You can download trial version, right. Trial version expires after some days. You can stop that expiration. You can tell trial version of the software to not count days or do not bother about time. The software will stay and keep working like original software forever and will not expire or cease to work. You do not have to change your system clock. This little software does it all.

Time Stopper is the software which can stop the time for try out version software. When you stop the time you can use your try-out versions forever. When you stop the time of a try-out version using this Time Stopper it works via this Time Stopper. Real time and date run normally on your system. You can use any number of try-out version softwares with this software. Read more..

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With grub2 you can directly boot an (iso9660) ISO using its loopback option. This is great because it provides another nice rescue scenario - for example when using grml (the Debian based Linux Live-CD for sysadmins). You no longer need to extract kernel and initrd from the ISO to be able to boot it using the isofrom bootoption. All you need to do is put a plain grml ISO to your harddisk.Read more..

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BSNL Internet is most famous Internet Broadband connection service in India. Its only due to its ready availability and somewhat cost-effectiveness. But, even though, many BSNL Broadband and BSNL Cellone Dataone users are frustated with BSNL Internet and BSNL broadband connection. Even I am a BSNL Broadband user and so I thought of informing you 6 hacks to increase BSNL broadband connection speed.

Increase BSNL Broadband connection speed:

To increase BSNL broadband speed, just follow these 6 BSNL hacks:

1. Change BSNL DNS servers:

The main reason for slow BSNL Broadband connection speed is slow BSNL DNS servers. So, we can increase BSNL Broadband connection speed by changing default BSNL DNS servers to fast BSNL DNS servers, which can help us to increase BSNL broadband connection speed.

2. Use Adblock Plus:

The best way to increase BSNL Broadband connection speed is to block flash and other unwanted ad material on webpage, so that page loads faster, thus make BSNL Broadband apparently fast. AdBlockPlus is a firefox addon used to block flash content of page, thus helping you to increase BSNL Broadband connection speed.

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