Below video will show you how to shutdown your computer from anywhere using a texting capable cell phone, Microsoft Outlook and a free account from

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It is more expensive to send the SMSs from your mobile. To make you spend less amount this tool is the finest solution for you. The name of the tool is SMS Free Sender it can provide the most effective way to send SMS using your PC. Moreover, you can save the time and money with this tool. With this tool you can send bulk SMS to the stored numbers easily and swiftly using email gateways of operators. This application supports the gateway of the world’s leading provider with coverage to 578 networks in 192 countries worldwide.

You can have the features like cheap pricing per Message, easy and immediate integration, zero Up Front cost, Controlled SMS delivery, the messages are sent in the most swift and secured way, and supports a simple to use interface. In additional it can organize your messages, check your delivery status and manage your contacts in your address book.Read more..

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For some reasons, you need to upload your files to multiple file hosting websites. I know that is tough and also time-consuming but here’s a more efficient way to do so. With Gazup!, users can easily store their documents on several file hosts such as,,,,,, and

When you upload a file, their powerful servers which utilize gigabit speeds will rapidly mirror your file to your selected file hosts. It supports any file format be it .JPEG, .DOC, anything! Before you upload, you can select whether you’d like to do a file or remote upload. The maximum file size is 200MB. However, on the “About” page, it says that the max file size is 400MB, two times more than the one stated on the main page. Therefore, this will lead to confusion of which source is accurate. After uploading, you will receive a unique download page.Read more..

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Don't you feel like crying every time you add another disc to your pile of scratched discs. Trashing that disc which contained your favorite songs, pics, files, games or videos is not easy.
Read-on, if you find yourself wishing for a miracle every time your fav CD is scratched:

Home Remedy:
Here's an easy home remedy, which might give you the desired results. Rub a small amount of toothpaste on the scratch and polish the CD with a soft cloth and any petroleum-based polishing solution (like clear shoe polish). Squirt a drop of Brasso and wipe it with a clean cloth.Read more..

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Build a music-driven miniature laser light show using a laser pointer, an old speaker, and a coffee can. The motion of the laser will be directed by music that you play.
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From time to time I am asked to break a password on an Adobe PDF file. This mostly comes up when the user who created the pdf can’t remember what their own password is. As annoying as that is, actually recovering the password is simple using pdfcrack.

PDFCrack is a GNU/Linux application (or any other POSIX-compatible system) tool for recovering passwords and content from PDF-files. It is small, command line driven, and without external dependencies. PDFCrack is released under GPL.

Install pdfcrack on Ubuntu by typing:
sudo aptitude install pdfcrack

Run a quick benchmark by entering the following at the command line:
pdfcrack -b


Benchmark: Average Speed (calls / second):
MD5: 2616026.7
MD5_50 (fast): 146928.3
MD5_50 (slow): 107780.3

RC4 (40, static): 863985.7
RC4 (40, no check): 864661.2
RC4 (128, no check): 802203.0

Benchmark: Average Speed (passwords / second):
PDF (40, user): 653588.2
PDF (40, owner): 322317.1
PDF (40, owner, fast): 714278.6Read more..

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