Have you ever just finished something important and all of a sudden the lights dim, your PC begins to sound like the clothes washer, and then bam, your work is gone? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, right? Maybe I should have taken my watch off before sticking my hand in that running PC after all.

Well, the thing that annoys me most is, not losing the work, but knowing I’ll have to spend the next two days rebuilding the system just in order to recover whatever I was working on. Like a good boy, I save my work to multiple locations. If you care about it, don’t trust it to a computer, I always say. Strange advice from someone who is a computer professional.

Anyway, the solution to this problem has always been to ghost your system. Ghosting your system means making a backup image, applications and all, so that you can restore your system to a running state quickly. Strangely enough the product most people use to do this is called Ghost. Get it? Ghosting? If you have ever used the recovery CD that may have come with your system then you have probably used Ghost without knowing it.Read more..

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The following article will discuss ways that you can watch satellite TV on Your PC, via FTA (Free to Air) streams as well discusses the processes that people use to decode encrypted streams. (Think DirecTV and DishNetwork)

This guide describes actions that may or may not be legal in your location. I do not advocate, condone, or practice satellite TV piracy. It is not my fault if you use this information illegally.

Should you choose to watch signals from a "bird" with pay channels, and decrypt them, you legally can only watch the channels you pay for, meaning you have a set top box hooked up to your TV as well. I suggest deleting the channels you don't pay for from the channel list in the program I discuss below, so you aren't tempted to watch them illegally.

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Mobile devices are almost becoming as ubiquitous as email addresses - that is, almost everyone has one. So it makes sense to consider mobile group messaging using SMS.

Specifically - for special occasions, events, or just a quick way to keep in touch with a group of people, mobile group messaging is fun and informative.

TextMarks and Tatango are two services that allow anyone to use subscription-based messaging, right on the web. All you need is a mobile phone, and friends, family, or contacts also equipped with a mobile phone.

Setting up a subscription

Your subscription is useless without a keyword. Both TextMarks and Tatango offer custom keywords (for a price), or default ones for free. Let's say our keyword is "bakesale526" - which we have set up for a bake sale we are hosting on May 26.

Your group members can opt-in by sending a text message to 41411 (TextMarks) or 68398 (Tatango). The message should just be the keyword itself. It's that simple to subscribe.Read more..

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Download one of these iso files with or without default system upgrade.
I have split this iso into six peices to facilitate easy download. supports download managers so don't worry.
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We will tell you how to connect two computers together to enable simple file and resource sharing. This method is applicable only if you have wireless adapters or Wi-Fi cards installed in both PCs.

To follow the wireless way, you just need a Wi-Fi card in each computer. This method is also known as Adhoc wireless networking. If you are using a laptop, chances are you already have Wi-Fi adapters built in.

We refer to the two computers as PC1 and PC2.

We configure both the computers as given below,


1. Just right-click “My Computer” and click Properties.
2. Select the “Computer Name” tab and click the “Change” button.
3. Change the computer name to whatever you want, here we name it PC1. Change the workgroup to WG. (The workgroup name should be the same in both computers)
4. Click OK.Read more..

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